S E T T I N G   T H E   T I M E 

      +     Adjust the crown by pulling it outwards until it clicks into place.
      +     Rotate the crown until you reach the desired time.
      +     Once complete, push the crown back into its original position.


A D J U S T I N G   T H E   C L A S P


      +     Place a mini flat head tool into the clasp gap. 
      +     Gently pull the tool down to release the clasp tab.
      +     Adjust the clasp to the preferred size to fit the wrist.
      +     Tighten the clasp tab by securing it back into place.
      +     Please ensure the clasp has been securely fastened before use.


C U S T O M I S I N G   T H E   S T R A P

      +     Locate the pins on the underside of the strap.
      +     Securely hold the watch face and pull one of the pins to release it from the lug.
      +     Carefully, pull the strap away from the lug.
      +     To re-attach, place the bottom of the pin into the small lug hole.
      +     Move into position. Once in place correctly, the pin will re-attach to the hole.
      +     Please ensure the strap is correctly fastened before use.