An Introduction

Set up by two brothers following their Grandad’s love for watches, the British brand Burtley & Baines was born. Offering high quality timepieces without the luxury price tag, Burtley & Baines fuse both classic and contemporary design, constructing subtle yet distinctive timepieces available from only £110GBP.
The British brand, Burtley & Baines provides contemporary, customisable timepieces with a subtle premium feel, minus the premium price point. The watches provide you with the luxury of choice by offering an array of watches & selection of different wrist-straps, varying in both material & colour. Burtley & Baines is represented by our lion logo. We wanted to represent the feeling of power & elegance that wearing a Burtley & Baines watch gives you and this has been constructed perfectly within the form of the Burtley & Baines Lion. Something we feel that will not only physically, but emotionally connect each customers to the brand. 

Our Aim

We want Burtley & Baines to become one of the leading Watch Brands, offering pioneering timepieces. Through the founders background of Design, Fashion & Business, along with the passion and creativity, we know we can provide a whole new perspective to our consumer by driving down creative avenues, no one thought they could.

The Deva 40mm 1st Edition's

With what is sure to become the brand's staple-piece style in years to come, we thought it was only right to kickstart the Burtley & Baines story, with the Deva 40mm collection. The selection combines a luxury, classic & minimalistic aesthetic within a simplistic yet efficient product design. With you always in our mind, the 1st Edition collection was brought to life.
With subtle Roman numerals featuring across our British timepieces, we head back in time to discover Latin names of places in Britain, during the Roman era. ‘Deva’ or ‘Deva Victrix’ simply translates to the English town, ‘Chester’. The Deva 40mm was our first timepiece to feature within the Burtley & Baines collection and boasts classy, minimal design.